Sudden Death (1995 film poster)

Sudden Death is a 1995 film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and is directed by Peter Hyams.


Darren McCord (Van Damme), an ex-firefighter turned fire marshal takes his kids out to the Stanley Cup Finals, but has no idea that terrorists are going to take the hockey arena hostage as well as the US President who's attending the game.

Why It's Better Than Speed 2: Cruise Control

  1. The idea of Die Hard at the skating rink is interesting.
  2. Jean Claude Van-Damme looked like he was having a good time starring in the film.
  3. There are a lot more adrenaline-pumping action scenes.
  4. The co-stars weren't irritating or annoying.
  5. Despite the film having a serious subject matter, there are touches of humor.


  1. The film had a budget of $35 million, but only grossed $4,782,445 million in the U.S. On the bright note, it did better on VHS, Laserdisc, TV broadcasts and DVD. Despite all of that, it is considered to be a good Die Hard clone film and has gained a cult following for many years.


Sudden Death (1995) Retrospective Review

Sudden Death (1995) Retrospective Review

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