Jurassic Park III is a science fiction adventure movie made in the United States in 2001 released by Universal Pictures. It features the iconic protagonist of the Jurassic Park series Alan Grant, portrayed by Sam Neill along new actors and characters such as Trevor Morgan as Eric Kirby, a stranded kid on the island of Sorna; William H. Macy and Téa Leoni as Paul Kirby and Amanda Kirby, Eric's divorced parents and Alessandro Nivola as Billy Brennan, doctor Grant's assistant. The movie also features Laura Dern reprising her doctress Ellie Sattler character from Jurassic Park, the first movie of the series, in a minor role.


After a kid named Eric gets stranded on Isla Sorna, a wealthy couple, Paul and Amanda Kirby, ask dr. Alan Grant and his assistant to lead them on an aerial tour over said island. The true purpose of the couple is hidden from Dr. Grant until the island is reached and their plane crashes, forcing the group to try to survive on the dangerous dinosaurs infested island.

Why It's Better Than The Lost World

  1. It is a lot more action packed than its prequel.
  2. The execution is way more swift and compact, without any sort of filler.
  3. Unlike the prequel it has no pointless and boring dialogue about environmentalism and father-daughter relationship.
  4. It relies a lot less on scenes about dinosaurs killing humans, with only three deaths on screen against the many scenes of its prequel.
  5. Fan favourite character paleontologist Alan Grant returns in this movie after his absence in The Lost World.
  6. A musical score more faithful to the original score John Williams composed for the first movie and better suited for the tone of movie, unlike the one John Williams composed for the prequel.
  7. More dinousaurs are seen in the movie and have more screen time. In addition to that, it is worth to notice that the movie also features a long scene with Pteranodons, which were creatures which lived at the same time of dinosaurs.